The Range Rover Range

As most people know all too well, buying a car can be a time consuming and rather stressful process. I have spent the last few weeks doing exactly that so I thought I would share my experience and findings for the benefit of anybody in a similar position looking to buy a similar car. Me and the wife regularly drive over to mainland Europe or down to Devon so we were looking for something comfortable and large enough to take all of our stuff with us. A friend of mine owns a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque which my wife is really fond of, but I just think it looks a little too much like a woman’s car – personally I need something a bit more butch.

As such we decided we would go for another Range Rover, just not the Evoque. The main dilemma for me was that I didn’t want a car with too many miles on the clock, Range Rover Logobut I wanted to find a bit of a bargain too so it was a balancing act. After searching online for quite a while I found a second hand Range Rover with 56,000 miles on the clock for £24,000 and it was a 2008 model year. It was certainly at the upper limit of my budget but it was a really nice car; we were close to getting it until I had another chat with my friend who owns the Evoque when he pointed out that we might be able to find a cheaper vehicle looking at the Sport.

Sure enough after doing a little more browsing I came across a second hand Range Rover Sport for £20,500 which only had 24,000 miles on the clock, and it was the same model year! There was very little difference between the two vehicles – they both have excellent cabins and come with great equipment while the Sport is actually more fuel efficient too.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle then make sure you do all the necessary research before buying, try for the Land Rover.

Chevrolet Lacetti Car Review

The people carrier concept is not appealing to everyone. There are many compromises involved despite the benefits. Handling is compromised and loadspace can be compromised as well. The compact estate can be a better solution. Chevrolet’s Lacetti boasts good levels of equipment, a reasonable amount of space, and a decent price without sacrificing all style.

For people who don’t have children and who don’t need a lot of extra space the traditional estate car has much to offer. The compact estate is probably the most forgotten of all the classes despite the advantages associated with them.

Chevrolet is quickly becoming a viable alternative to paying top dollar amounts for Ford and other major brands. Chevrolet is a relatively unheard of brand outside of North America.

The Chevrolet Lacetti boasts good equipment levels and is very refined. The car delivers much more than expected making for a pleasant surprise. Buyers will not be disappointed in the car or its abilities. The Lacetti is a very viable alternative to an MPV for buyers who desire practicality but who don’t need the seating that an MPV delivers.


The car comes with an inexpensive asking price, low insurance costs and decent fuel economy. These combine to make the Lacetti Station Wagon a relatively economical venture. The car should also prove to be reliable as well.

The Lacetti Wagon provides a decent amount of room for its compact size. The rear seats split 60/40 and fold down to create a larger load space. The car comfortably seats four adults with plenty of head and legroom. The car should be fairly comfortable, even on longer trips.

The car’s main dials are large and clear, while the centre console controls are easy to use. The lay-out is very simple and straightforward. The car’s controls all function well and do what they should, but they do feel a little out dated.

Chevrolet Lacetti Estate

The car provides more than adequate levels of comfort. At lower speeds, tyre, wind and engine noise are kept to a minimum. The cabin’s seats are very comfortable and head, leg and elbow room is more than adequate for both front and rear seat passengers.Access to the car’s cabin is very good for front seat passengers. The car’s doors open widely and shouldn’t pose a problem for most passengers. The rear seats are easy to access for most average sized passengers, but larger passengers may have more difficulty. Access to the car’s boot is excellent. The tailgate provides a large aperture and the load lip is low enough that loading cargo is easier.

Parking the Lacetti is a relatively simple process. Light power steering coupled with good visibility helps out a lot, especially in tight spaces. Judging the car’s extremities is also easy and makes parking the Lacetti less of a worry.

Life Style

The Lacetti is designed to appeal to buyers with tighter budgets, but still manages to offer a lot even at bargain prices. The car’s steering boasts plenty of assistance but the overall feel is weightier than some of its rivals. The gearshift is smooth and driven sensibly the car delivers a smooth, quality ride. The 1.6 petrol engine functions well and only seems to struggle when pushed hard.

The Lacetti Station Wagon could be used as a family car for a small family. makes a lot of sense. The car offers a more practical boot than a five-door hatch and could handle the responsibilities of family life quite well. The car would only work while the kids were small though and would be an inexpensive option for a young family.

There are several features that make the Lacetti a good choice as a first car. It’s affordable, practical, smaller and easy to drive. The car may not be as stylish as other rival brands, but when the costs are added up it makes a lot of sense for a newly licensed driver.

The Lacetti boasts solid build quality at an affordable price. The car’s cabin is comprised of decent materials and doesn’t look cheap with the exception of an over abundance of grey being used. Chevrolet, is not seen as a high-class brand and buyers will find the Lacetti appealing because of its price and solid build quality.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard safety features include an engine immobiliser, remote central locking plus a retractable cover for the load bay. Also included is the small but useful oddment tray under the front passenger seat. The stereo unit can also be removed as an extra deterrent.

Chevrolet Logo

The car’s standard safety features include four airbags, twin front and side, front seat belts with pretensioners, and Isofix child seat mounting points in the back seats, and anti-lock brakes.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a decent set-up, even if it is slightly below the standards of its competitors. The system delivers adequate sound quality and includes steeringwheel mounted controls for the driver’s convenience.

The car’s exterior looks more flattering in a light metallic hue. This will make the car more noticeable and give it a more expensive feel too. The cabin is comprised of mostly light grey plastics with light grey seats as well. This colour scheme seems to be the biggest telltale sign of the car’s budget origins.


Chevrolet’s Lacetti Wagon offers a viabled alternative to the traditional small people carrier. For buyers who need more space than a conventional hatch the compact estate is a good alternative. The Lacetti’s low price and decent equipment levels provides excellent value for money. If you are after a new Chrvrolet Lacetti, go to New Car Quote for a price.

Dodge Caliber Car Review

Dodge has been brought more into the mainstream of the UK’s car market with the introduction of their Dodge Caliber into the mid-size C segment. The C-segment is one of the most popular and competitive segments in the market. Tapping into UK buyers from this segment may prove challenging.

The Caliber’s exterior styling is very unique. It borrows traits from several different makes of cars such as SUV’s, 4X4’s, and MPV’s. The car looks durable and strong and sports Dodge’s trademark grill. The car has an increased ride height and a squared off rear end.

The interior boasts some pretty dynamic changes as well. The ride height has been increased and is very noticeable, the dash is taller and the windows have been shrunken. There have been some nice features added too that increase the comfort of the cabin. The cabin design is practical and useful.

The car sports a 2.0 petrol-litre engine and a CVT transmission. The car is front-wheel drive, and has an air conditioned glove box and the front seat folds down and changes into a table for the driver’s convenience. The diesel engine option is the best choice for fuel economy and added efficiency.


The Dodge Caliber is reasonably priced and competitive with other cars in its segment. The diesel alternative makes the car even more cost effective and offers the same level of equipment as the competitors.

The Caliber has a spacious cabin and boot. Head and legroom is good for front passengers.  Rear passengers will enjoy enough legroom but headroom may be limited for taller passengers. The boot is large and able to accommodate most packages.

Dodge Caliber

The Caliber’s controls and buttons are large and simple facilitating ease of use. The controls are all practically placed and easy for the driver to find. The interior fixtures are also nice looking and do not come across as cheap; the car has green backlighting that accentuates the quality feel of the cabin.

The Caliber provides a smooth, decent ride while providing good levels of cabin comfort. The seats are firm and supportive but not too firm. Engine and road noises are well concealed at low speeds but tend to increase at higher speeds. The car is not a performance car, it’s not designed for speed, but it is well constructed and the design tends to focus more on passenger comfort.

The car provides easy accessibility. The car is built up high enough that passengers are able to slide into the vehicle quite easily. The boot is extra accessible as well thanks to its small loading lip.

The Caliber can be parked with limited difficulty. The car is small enough and the driver sits up high enough that parking doesn’t pose much of a problem. However, limited rear visibility can complicate things, and the cars longer bonnet can make it difficult to judge distance.

Life Style

The Caliber is not an exciting or thrilling car to drive. The diesel version offers good acceleration but the car is geared more toward delivering a comfortable ride, and it does that quite well.

The Caliber would make a very practical family car. It is spacious and reliable. The large boot could accommodate the rigors of family life, and it would not be too difficult to load and unload groceries with such a small loading lip.

This car has great appeal for first time drivers. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase, has reasonable running costs and insurance should be affordable as well. It is easy to handle and delivers a smooth ride. It makes perfect sense for a new driver.

The Caliber is not the highest quality vehicle but its not the lowest either. The materials and parts used to build the Caliber are good and adequate but not top-of-the-line. The cost for value is good though. The unique exterior design gives the car an attractive appeal and the car’s American brand name helps to boost that image.

Security and Safety

Due to the attractive and unique exterior of the Caliber it will definitely draw attention. The car comes standard with remote central locking, an engine immobilizer, and an alarm system.  Some buyers may choose to use a visual deterrent as well.

The car comes complete with the usual safety features including twin front airbags and ABS.

Finishing Touches

The car comes with a basic stereo CD player. Dodge LogoThere are many attractive options available though such as a six disc CD changer, and the MusicGate Power System that comes with two speakers mounted in the boot that can fold down when listening to music outdoors.

The Caliber looks good sporting a bright red color. Red helps to accentuate the cars unique style and makes the Dodge even more eye catching. The interior is comprised of mostly dark colors, but has an occasional splash of metal.


The Caliber is unique in the way that it looks and scores exceptionally high marks in the style category. For comfort and quality build the car is average. For driving the car is also average, and unfortunately the car is also average when it comes to safety. For a car whose exterior design promises something different, the car itself is very average in most regards.

Used Chrysler Cars

Chrysler is a hugely popular model in the USA and their cars are steadily making their way to the UK too. Chrysler stems from Chrysler Group LLC, an American automobile manufacturer with their headquarters located in Michigan. Chrysler is owned by the Italian automaker Fiat. They sell new and used cars all over the world under its flagship brand Chrysler.

Chrysler 300CI must admit Chrysler was never a brand I had taken much notice of, well not until 2011 anyway when my Father invested in a Used Chrysler 300C. Since then I began to look into the models they have available simply because I have been really impressed by my Father’s 300C. Despite it feeling and looking huge there is some real power underneath the bonnet that allows it to get from 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds. The diesel engine is also really refined and still manages to work perfectly fine, admittedly after a bit of work, even after my Father made the stupid decision to put petrol in a diesel car.

One of the first Chrysler models, apart from the 300C, I checked out as part of my research was the Chrysler Grand Voyager. This is a large and comfortable seven seater car, affording lots of space making it perfect for big families. It also contains fold-away rear seats that provide extra boot space when required. If you look in the right places you’d be able to pick up a Used Chrysler Grand Voyager around the £4,000 mark but when buying a Grand Voyager take into account that it is an expensive car to run and is nearly 17 feet long making it a tricky car to park in suburban areas.

One of the models Chrysler used to manufacture was the Neon. Chrysler NeonThis model has been discontinued since 2006 and the only way you’ll be able to get your hands on one is by purchasing a Used Chrysler Neon. The Neon is one of Chrysler’s cheapest cars to buy and does come well equipped with plenty of kit to keep you busy. Unfortunately the security is pretty poor and the 2000-2001 models were recalled due to brake vacuum hose concerns, so this is something to check for when looking at this model. It’s not hard to say that the European rivals drive far better and it’s not too difficult to see why this model was discontinued.

The Ypsilon is a supermini model manufactured to compete against the likes of the Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo. The Ypsilon is fitted with an excellent Fiat TwinAir engine and has a real unique styling that makes the Chrysler stand out against its competitors. Chrysler have also designed a fuel efficient car keeping your running costs low. However it is an expensive car to buy from new, so you may be better suited looking for a Used Chrysler Ypsilon if your budget can’t stretch to the cost from new. The small size engines available mean the Ypsilon is great in town but will struggle on motorways and A-roads. These roads are where the Ypsilon’s poor handling becomes evident.

Common BMW problems

Although BMW have built up a brand that has become synonymous with fantastic reliability there is always going to be little teething problems with any manufacturers’ car. No model seems to be the exception of this rule as I will explain on a few of BMW’s models.

Some of the most common problems to pop up with a BMW 1 Series Convertible are as follows;BMW 1 Series the third brake light would crack or fall out, some early tops came ill-fitting from the factory and some vert owners have reported rattles with their glove box and arm rests. These problems aren’t as common as some of the problems with other models however there has still been enough comments to warrant mentioning them here. If you were lucky enough to go down the route of a Lease BMW 1 Series Convertible then the costs should be covered to fix these problems but if these problems arose after the warranty has ran out then a bit more money will need to be spent to fix them.

The BMW 2 Series has only been around since 2014 and so far there doesn’t seem to have been any major issues reported, although we may find out some more information as the miles add up on these new models. The only real nagging problems that have been mentioned with the 2 Series is that the diesel engine choices are really noisy, which is not pleasing if you’re after a quiet ride, and there is not much space in the rear with only two seats and little leg room.

Much like the 2 Series, the BMW 4 Series hasn’t been around for too long with its release date being 2013 there has not been too much chance for any problems to occur. However complaints about its vague steering and its tricky to use gear selector do seem to be a complaint from the die-hard fans. The optional extras can increase the cost considerably and it has been said what is the point of calling it a luxury car if everything that’s luxury about it is an optional extra? These optional extras will also make it difficult to price a Used BMW 4 Series especially for somebody buying it third hand and not knowing what is included and what isn’t.

BMW 6 SeriesThe BMW 6 Series has been around for some time now and a few common problems have appeared. The check engine light may illuminate in the 04-07 model accompanied by a rattling sound from the front engine down to an oil leak in the oil line for the variable valve timing system. Again from the 04-07 model the paddle shifters on the steering wheel may stop working due to a loss of an electrical signal which is often caused by loose connectors. These are all things to ask about if you’re looking at a Used BMW 6 Series because the seller may have had problems like this fixed already which would be great.

The BMW 8 Series is no longer in production so you will only be able to buy a Second Hand BMW 8 Series nowadays. On the original model a common problem was the bore cylinder liners would degrade, quicker than you would expect, resulting in an expensive cost to repair. The only other common complaint was the amount of times the car would need to be filled up because of the size of the engines however with the engine sizes available with the BMW 8 Series you shouldn’t really have expected otherwise.

With the BMW X1 there have been the odd reports of some clunking that people hear when it’s downshifting as the car slows down. There have been a few reports that the mileage people seem to be getting out of it are not near the number BMW claim it will reach. My only response to that statement is “when do they ever?” If you are looking at a Second Hand BMW X1 then be aware that there has been reports of engine failure further into the X1’s mileage, so if you buy a low mileage second hand model there is a slim, slim chance this may happen to yourselves.



Whether you’re looking at a new or Used BMW X3 there are a few common problems that have been reported with the X3. Firstly and probably the biggest complaint is that the stop-start engine feature does not work when the temperature is below three degrees centigrade. The original X3 failed to turn heads on the small SUV market because it suffered from below-average build quality, an awkward design and pretty questionable off-road ability. There have been reports of creaky doors and rattling sunroofs but nothing that can’t be fixed pretty quickly and under the warranty.

With the BMW X6 the problems that have been reported are not major problems just little niggles that are just a nuisance more than anything. For instance the Sat Nav needing a repair, not being as nimble as the X5 and the HUD not working. These should all be covered under your warranty but if you’re looking at a Used BMW X6 then I would ask the owner if these issues have arose, if they haven’t you may have to sort them yourself at a later date however these problems do seem to be individual cases.

Leasing Chevrolet Cars

When looking for a lease Chevrolet you wish to take out one of the biggest factors you need to take into account is the individual garage you are taking the lease with. Everyone knows this is a big decision and there may only be one Chevrolet garage in close proximity to you but you do need to make sure you feel comfortable with dealing with the garage, as well as believing they will take the upmost care with any problems you may have during the lease.

Once you have found the garage you are comfortable with then the next decision, even though you may have an idea in mind already, is which model you plan to choose. Chevrolet have some great models available through leasing, all unique in their own separate way. From the Aveo to the Volt there really is a model for everyone.

A Lease Chevrolet Aveo is an affordable supermini and tends to rival the likes of a Ford Fiesta,chevrolet aveo Vauxhall Corsa and Hyundai i20. The levels of standard equipment are pretty impressive for, to quote Top Gear, “a reasonably priced car”. It is definitely a sporty looking model so should appeal to young drivers who are not wanting to spend a lot and the interior is similarly sporty containing a LED speedometer and a stylish rev counter.

A Contract Hire Chevrolet Spark is a budget hatchback, not very big and is a perfect run around for people who live a busy life in the city. It is perfect for city life because it is cheap to run and is very nippy around town due to two very frugal petrol engines. I will say if you regularly drive down country lanes or make regular visits to the motorway then the Spark isn’t the best model for you. It is a practical five door car that has space for five people but is going to be far more comfortable with only five people inside.

A Lease Chevrolet Captiva is Chevrolet’s biggest model, advertised as a seven-sea SUV it offers the practicality that usually comes with cars twice the price. It will be one of Chevrolet’s highest monthly costs, when it comes to leasing, but once you get a feel for the car it is not hard to see why. It comes well equipped as standard so the extra features you may pay more for with other manufacturers are already included with the price and compared to the similar Vauxhall Antara the Captiva is cheaper, better equipped and has a great warranty.

2011 Chevrolet Volt Production Show CarA Contract Hire Chevrolet Volt is one of the best electric models designed to date. One of the main problems with electric cars is the range they can travel. Most of the electric cars just cannot travel the distance required for electric cars to properly replace the traditional electric and diesel engines. However the Volt is a range-extending hybrid that is powered by an electric motor but also features a small, 1.4 litre petrol fuelled generator that is able to charge the batteries whilst you’re on the move. This gives the Volt a driving range of roughly 300 miles which is unheard of with electric cars. It is only available as a 5 door hatchback in one spec but if you’re interested in being green and saving the planet, the Volt will certainly go some way to accomplishing that.

Nissan Confirms Juke Nismo RS

A new Nissan Juke Nismo RS will be unveiled at the Los Angeles Motor Show in November, the Japanese manufacturer has confirmed.

jukeAlthough no details have been officially revealed, it is expected that the 1.6-litre turbocharged engine will be tweaked to produce around 230bhp – compared with 197bhp in the current model. Torque will also be increased and as a result the RS’s 0-62mph time will likely drop to under 7 seconds (down from 7.8 currently).

Additionally, the Juke Nismo RS is touted to receive a lower, firmer suspension setup. Nissan will presumably release some official details in the coming weeks.

Cars New York wouldn’t be the same without!

New York Cars

There are a number of vehicles which have rose to fame, and been trademarked by the New York City streets. In this post we will pay homage to those vehicles, which add to the back drop of an already stunning city.

Ford Crown Victoria

The Crown Victoria name was first used for a Ford car in 1955, and it was a two-door six-seater coupe and part of the Ford Fairline range. Its production only ran for a year, and was brought to a halt in 1956. The next time the name was used was in 1979 though it wasn’t until 1992 that the Crown Victorias began taking the shape which is so recognisable today.

Thanks to the durability of this Ford creation it became the go to vehicle for taxicab and fleet owners, before taking the shape of one of the world’s best known police vehicles in 1992: the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor!

Whilst the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor has been discontinued, it has chased many a criminal in its time, and will surely remain famous for years to come. Take off the flashing lights add a few new Ford parts and a yellow paintjob and now you can be a taxicab driver!

Lincoln Town Car

Where the hell would the everyday NYC Businessman be without the Lincoln Town Car? Probably on foot. The Lincoln Town Car has been a familiar site on NYC streets since its arrival in the 80s, it wasn’t till the third generation model that it really took off however, with its limousine features and luxurious interior. If you own one, you are lucky.


Welcome to all new automotive site Whilst we have a borderline obsession with New York, we will explore automotive information from all different corners of the globe. We hope to expand in a way that allows us to provide general news regarding what is going on in the Auto industry as well as offering advice and insight into things such as how to sell or buy a Used Car, or where to find a bargain.