Locating a Car

Once you have got a good idea of the car you would like, you can now use the internet to find them. A number of the sites mentions on the previous page offer services whereby you can
search for the car you desire and they will provide you with the closest matching results, giving you the option to get in touch with the dealer or person who is has that certain car which is in stock. Therefore you already know what you are dealing with, you do not have to take time out of your day to go to a dealership only to be disappointed that they haven’t got the car that you wanted. Once you have found the car you want you can either buy over the internet or go to the dealership (the location will be provided) and give it a test drive to make sure there aren’t any last minute scares.

If you only want to look at used cars in Liverpool or the surrounding areas, this is also made possible by sites such as these as you can refine your search to be restricted to say, a 20 mile radius. Here are a few examples of the locater tools.
Motors.co.uk’s car locator tool
Buyyourcar.co.uk’s car locator tool
Autotrader.co.uk’s car locator tool
All are very easy to use and will produce a number of results for you to choose from, you can almost be as specific as you want with your search. Here I have searched for a used Audi A3 within 20 miles of Anfield Football Stadium in Liverpool and was given a wide range of results within seconds.