Cars New York wouldn’t be the same without!

New York Cars

There are a number of vehicles which have rose to fame, and been trademarked by the New York City streets. In this post we will pay homage to those vehicles, which add to the back drop of an already stunning city.

Ford Crown Victoria

The Crown Victoria name was first used for a Ford car in 1955, and it was a two-door six-seater coupe and part of the Ford Fairline range. Its production only ran for a year, and was brought to a halt in 1956. The next time the name was used was in 1979 though it wasn’t until 1992 that the Crown Victorias began taking the shape which is so recognisable today.

Thanks to the durability of this Ford creation it became the go to vehicle for taxicab and fleet owners, before taking the shape of one of the world’s best known police vehicles in 1992: the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor!

Whilst the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor has been discontinued, it has chased many a criminal in its time, and will surely remain famous for years to come. Take off the flashing lights add a few new Ford parts and a yellow paintjob and now you can be a taxicab driver!


Lincoln Town Car

Where the hell would the everyday NYC Businessman be without the Lincoln Town Car? Probably on foot. The Lincoln Town Car has been a familiar site on NYC streets since its arrival in the 80s, it wasn’t till the third generation model that it really took off however, with its limousine features and luxurious interior. If you own one, you are lucky.

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