Chevrolet Lacetti Car Review

The people carrier concept is not appealing to everyone. There are many compromises involved despite the benefits. Handling is compromised and loadspace can be compromised as well. The compact estate can be a better solution. Chevrolet’s Lacetti boasts good levels of equipment, a reasonable amount of space, and a decent price without sacrificing all style.

For people who don’t have children and who don’t need a lot of extra space the traditional estate car has much to offer. The compact estate is probably the most forgotten of all the classes despite the advantages associated with them.

Chevrolet is quickly becoming a viable alternative to paying top dollar amounts for Ford and other major brands. Chevrolet is a relatively unheard of brand outside of North America.

The Chevrolet Lacetti boasts good equipment levels and is very refined. The car delivers much more than expected making for a pleasant surprise. Buyers will not be disappointed in the car or its abilities. The Lacetti is a very viable alternative to an MPV for buyers who desire practicality but who don’t need the seating that an MPV delivers.


The car comes with an inexpensive asking price, low insurance costs and decent fuel economy. These combine to make the Lacetti Station Wagon a relatively economical venture. The car should also prove to be reliable as well.

The Lacetti Wagon provides a decent amount of room for its compact size. The rear seats split 60/40 and fold down to create a larger load space. The car comfortably seats four adults with plenty of head and legroom. The car should be fairly comfortable, even on longer trips.

The car’s main dials are large and clear, while the centre console controls are easy to use. The lay-out is very simple and straightforward. The car’s controls all function well and do what they should, but they do feel a little out dated.

Chevrolet Lacetti Estate

The car provides more than adequate levels of comfort. At lower speeds, tyre, wind and engine noise are kept to a minimum. The cabin’s seats are very comfortable and head, leg and elbow room is more than adequate for both front and rear seat passengers.Access to the car’s cabin is very good for front seat passengers. The car’s doors open widely and shouldn’t pose a problem for most passengers. The rear seats are easy to access for most average sized passengers, but larger passengers may have more difficulty. Access to the car’s boot is excellent. The tailgate provides a large aperture and the load lip is low enough that loading cargo is easier.

Parking the Lacetti is a relatively simple process. Light power steering coupled with good visibility helps out a lot, especially in tight spaces. Judging the car’s extremities is also easy and makes parking the Lacetti less of a worry.

Life Style

The Lacetti is designed to appeal to buyers with tighter budgets, but still manages to offer a lot even at bargain prices. The car’s steering boasts plenty of assistance but the overall feel is weightier than some of its rivals. The gearshift is smooth and driven sensibly the car delivers a smooth, quality ride. The 1.6 petrol engine functions well and only seems to struggle when pushed hard.

The Lacetti Station Wagon could be used as a family car for a small family. makes a lot of sense. The car offers a more practical boot than a five-door hatch and could handle the responsibilities of family life quite well. The car would only work while the kids were small though and would be an inexpensive option for a young family.

There are several features that make the Lacetti a good choice as a first car. It’s affordable, practical, smaller and easy to drive. The car may not be as stylish as other rival brands, but when the costs are added up it makes a lot of sense for a newly licensed driver.

The Lacetti boasts solid build quality at an affordable price. The car’s cabin is comprised of decent materials and doesn’t look cheap with the exception of an over abundance of grey being used. Chevrolet, is not seen as a high-class brand and buyers will find the Lacetti appealing because of its price and solid build quality.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard safety features include an engine immobiliser, remote central locking plus a retractable cover for the load bay. Also included is the small but useful oddment tray under the front passenger seat. The stereo unit can also be removed as an extra deterrent.

Chevrolet Logo

The car’s standard safety features include four airbags, twin front and side, front seat belts with pretensioners, and Isofix child seat mounting points in the back seats, and anti-lock brakes.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a decent set-up, even if it is slightly below the standards of its competitors. The system delivers adequate sound quality and includes steeringwheel mounted controls for the driver’s convenience.

The car’s exterior looks more flattering in a light metallic hue. This will make the car more noticeable and give it a more expensive feel too. The cabin is comprised of mostly light grey plastics with light grey seats as well. This colour scheme seems to be the biggest telltale sign of the car’s budget origins.


Chevrolet’s Lacetti Wagon offers a viabled alternative to the traditional small people carrier. For buyers who need more space than a conventional hatch the compact estate is a good alternative. The Lacetti’s low price and decent equipment levels provides excellent value for money. If you are after a new Chrvrolet Lacetti, go to New Car Quote for a price.

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