Common BMW problems

Although BMW have built up a brand that has become synonymous with fantastic reliability there is always going to be little teething problems with any manufacturers’ car. No model seems to be the exception of this rule as I will explain on a few of BMW’s models.

Some of the most common problems to pop up with a BMW 1 Series Convertible are as follows;BMW 1 Series the third brake light would crack or fall out, some early tops came ill-fitting from the factory and some vert owners have reported rattles with their glove box and arm rests. These problems aren’t as common as some of the problems with other models however there has still been enough comments to warrant mentioning them here. If you were lucky enough to go down the route of a Lease BMW 1 Series Convertible then the costs should be covered to fix these problems but if these problems arose after the warranty has ran out then a bit more money will need to be spent to fix them.

The BMW 2 Series has only been around since 2014 and so far there doesn’t seem to have been any major issues reported, although we may find out some more information as the miles add up on these new models. The only real nagging problems that have been mentioned with the 2 Series is that the diesel engine choices are really noisy, which is not pleasing if you’re after a quiet ride, and there is not much space in the rear with only two seats and little leg room.

Much like the 2 Series, the BMW 4 Series hasn’t been around for too long with its release date being 2013 there has not been too much chance for any problems to occur. However complaints about its vague steering and its tricky to use gear selector do seem to be a complaint from the die-hard fans. The optional extras can increase the cost considerably and it has been said what is the point of calling it a luxury car if everything that’s luxury about it is an optional extra? These optional extras will also make it difficult to price a Used BMW 4 Series especially for somebody buying it third hand and not knowing what is included and what isn’t.

BMW 6 SeriesThe BMW 6 Series has been around for some time now and a few common problems have appeared. The check engine light may illuminate in the 04-07 model accompanied by a rattling sound from the front engine down to an oil leak in the oil line for the variable valve timing system. Again from the 04-07 model the paddle shifters on the steering wheel may stop working due to a loss of an electrical signal which is often caused by loose connectors. These are all things to ask about if you’re looking at a Used BMW 6 Series because the seller may have had problems like this fixed already which would be great.

The BMW 8 Series is no longer in production so you will only be able to buy a Second Hand BMW 8 Series nowadays. On the original model a common problem was the bore cylinder liners would degrade, quicker than you would expect, resulting in an expensive cost to repair. The only other common complaint was the amount of times the car would need to be filled up because of the size of the engines however with the engine sizes available with the BMW 8 Series you shouldn’t really have expected otherwise.

With the BMW X1 there have been the odd reports of some clunking that people hear when it’s downshifting as the car slows down. There have been a few reports that the mileage people seem to be getting out of it are not near the number BMW claim it will reach. My only response to that statement is “when do they ever?” If you are looking at a Second Hand BMW X1 then be aware that there has been reports of engine failure further into the X1’s mileage, so if you buy a low mileage second hand model there is a slim, slim chance this may happen to yourselves.



Whether you’re looking at a new or Used BMW X3 there are a few common problems that have been reported with the X3. Firstly and probably the biggest complaint is that the stop-start engine feature does not work when the temperature is below three degrees centigrade. The original X3 failed to turn heads on the small SUV market because it suffered from below-average build quality, an awkward design and pretty questionable off-road ability. There have been reports of creaky doors and rattling sunroofs but nothing that can’t be fixed pretty quickly and under the warranty.

With the BMW X6 the problems that have been reported are not major problems just little niggles that are just a nuisance more than anything. For instance the Sat Nav needing a repair, not being as nimble as the X5 and the HUD not working. These should all be covered under your warranty but if you’re looking at a Used BMW X6 then I would ask the owner if these issues have arose, if they haven’t you may have to sort them yourself at a later date however these problems do seem to be individual cases.

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