Leasing Chevrolet Cars

When looking for a lease Chevrolet you wish to take out one of the biggest factors you need to take into account is the individual garage you are taking the lease with. Everyone knows this is a big decision and there may only be one Chevrolet garage in close proximity to you but you do need to make sure you feel comfortable with dealing with the garage, as well as believing they will take the upmost care with any problems you may have during the lease.

Once you have found the garage you are comfortable with then the next decision, even though you may have an idea in mind already, is which model you plan to choose. Chevrolet have some great models available through leasing, all unique in their own separate way. From the Aveo to the Volt there really is a model for everyone.

A Lease Chevrolet Aveo is an affordable supermini and tends to rival the likes of a Ford Fiesta,chevrolet aveo Vauxhall Corsa and Hyundai i20. The levels of standard equipment are pretty impressive for, to quote Top Gear, “a reasonably priced car”. It is definitely a sporty looking model so should appeal to young drivers who are not wanting to spend a lot and the interior is similarly sporty containing a LED speedometer and a stylish rev counter.

A Contract Hire Chevrolet Spark is a budget hatchback, not very big and is a perfect run around for people who live a busy life in the city. It is perfect for city life because it is cheap to run and is very nippy around town due to two very frugal petrol engines. I will say if you regularly drive down country lanes or make regular visits to the motorway then the Spark isn’t the best model for you. It is a practical five door car that has space for five people but is going to be far more comfortable with only five people inside.

A Lease Chevrolet Captiva is Chevrolet’s biggest model, advertised as a seven-sea SUV it offers the practicality that usually comes with cars twice the price. It will be one of Chevrolet’s highest monthly costs, when it comes to leasing, but once you get a feel for the car it is not hard to see why. It comes well equipped as standard so the extra features you may pay more for with other manufacturers are already included with the price and compared to the similar Vauxhall Antara the Captiva is cheaper, better equipped and has a great warranty.

2011 Chevrolet Volt Production Show CarA Contract Hire Chevrolet Volt is one of the best electric models designed to date. One of the main problems with electric cars is the range they can travel. Most of the electric cars just cannot travel the distance required for electric cars to properly replace the traditional electric and diesel engines. However the Volt is a range-extending hybrid that is powered by an electric motor but also features a small, 1.4 litre petrol fuelled generator that is able to charge the batteries whilst you’re on the move. This gives the Volt a driving range of roughly 300 miles which is unheard of with electric cars. It is only available as a 5 door hatchback in one spec but if you’re interested in being green and saving the planet, the Volt will certainly go some way to accomplishing that.

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