New M2 Coupe from BMW

The BMW 2-Series is relatively new to the market, their are various different body styles you can opt for when buying the 2 Series, however today we are going to focus on the compact coupe body style. For it is this style that has been used as the bases of the brand new M2 Coupe. Despite the fact that the 2 Series is only a year long, it was always only a short matter of time before it got the M treatment. It is directly gunning for the Audi RS3, and just going on looks, I think the BMW has it won. Obviously there is more to consider than just looks, I used to drive a second hand Audi RS3 a fair bit, and can admit that it is a great car to drive, however I have also had some experience with BMW M cars, and those experiences have always been very, very good.








The M2 will get the usual treatment, it will be put on a rear wheel drive layout, you’ll get a lot more engine power, handling will be improved and the cars body has been more aerodynamic to help with speed. So no surprises there then, the M2 will likely be a little less impressive than the M2 in terms of performance, but at the end of the day most people wont be buying them to race them, the performance will still be impressive, and you will get a car that is just as good looking as the M3, if not better.

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