The Range Rover Range

As most people know all too well, buying a car can be a time consuming and rather stressful process. I have spent the last few weeks doing exactly that so I thought I would share my experience and findings for the benefit of anybody in a similar position looking to buy a similar car. Me and the wife regularly drive over to mainland Europe or down to Devon so we were looking for something comfortable and large enough to take all of our stuff with us. A friend of mine owns a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque which my wife is really fond of, but I just think it looks a little too much like a woman’s car – personally I need something a bit more butch.

As such we decided we would go for another Range Rover, just not the Evoque. The main dilemma for me was that I didn’t want a car with too many miles on the clock, Range Rover Logobut I wanted to find a bit of a bargain too so it was a balancing act. After searching online for quite a while I found a second hand Range Rover with 56,000 miles on the clock for £24,000 and it was a 2008 model year. It was certainly at the upper limit of my budget but it was a really nice car; we were close to getting it until I had another chat with my friend who owns the Evoque when he pointed out that we might be able to find a cheaper vehicle looking at the Sport.

Sure enough after doing a little more browsing I came across a second hand Range Rover Sport for £20,500 which only had 24,000 miles on the clock, and it was the same model year! There was very little difference between the two vehicles – they both have excellent cabins and come with great equipment while the Sport is actually more fuel efficient too.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle then make sure you do all the necessary research before buying, try for the Land Rover.

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