Used Chrysler Cars

Chrysler is a hugely popular model in the USA and their cars are steadily making their way to the UK too. Chrysler stems from Chrysler Group LLC, an American automobile manufacturer with their headquarters located in Michigan. Chrysler is owned by the Italian automaker Fiat. They sell new and used cars all over the world under its flagship brand Chrysler.

Chrysler 300CI must admit Chrysler was never a brand I had taken much notice of, well not until 2011 anyway when my Father invested in a Used Chrysler 300C. Since then I began to look into the models they have available simply because I have been really impressed by my Father’s 300C. Despite it feeling and looking huge there is some real power underneath the bonnet that allows it to get from 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds. The diesel engine is also really refined and still manages to work perfectly fine, admittedly after a bit of work, even after my Father made the stupid decision to put petrol in a diesel car.

One of the first Chrysler models, apart from the 300C, I checked out as part of my research was the Chrysler Grand Voyager. This is a large and comfortable seven seater car, affording lots of space making it perfect for big families. It also contains fold-away rear seats that provide extra boot space when required. If you look in the right places you’d be able to pick up a Used Chrysler Grand Voyager around the £4,000 mark but when buying a Grand Voyager take into account that it is an expensive car to run and is nearly 17 feet long making it a tricky car to park in suburban areas.

One of the models Chrysler used to manufacture was the Neon. Chrysler NeonThis model has been discontinued since 2006 and the only way you’ll be able to get your hands on one is by purchasing a Used Chrysler Neon. The Neon is one of Chrysler’s cheapest cars to buy and does come well equipped with plenty of kit to keep you busy. Unfortunately the security is pretty poor and the 2000-2001 models were recalled due to brake vacuum hose concerns, so this is something to check for when looking at this model. It’s not hard to say that the European rivals drive far better and it’s not too difficult to see why this model was discontinued.

The Ypsilon is a supermini model manufactured to compete against the likes of the Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo. The Ypsilon is fitted with an excellent Fiat TwinAir engine and has a real unique styling that makes the Chrysler stand out against its competitors. Chrysler have also designed a fuel efficient car keeping your running costs low. However it is an expensive car to buy from new, so you may be better suited looking for a Used Chrysler Ypsilon if your budget can’t stretch to the cost from new. The small size engines available mean the Ypsilon is great in town but will struggle on motorways and A-roads. These roads are where the Ypsilon’s poor handling becomes evident.

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